Hook Your Own Rainbow Trout

Hook Your Own Rainbow Trout

Photo of Gear for Trout Fishing

Gone Fishin’

He’s hiding in there! As you wade upstream from the low water bridge, the rocks can be slippery under your feet, but if you’re careful with each step and don’t create ground vibrations, you can sneak up on that big rainbow trout. The old sycamore tree hangs just over the rocks, shading the pool where he hangs out. A shelf of the rock under the water acts like a small cave where the old guy can hide when he chooses. Otherwise, he rides the gentle current in the best spot to see the insects falling from the tree limbs into the water.

You start your cast, whipping the rod tip back and forth over your head until you have enough length out to let your fly fall just ahead of the pool. The fly will drift on the slight ripples right over his head. Patience! If you don’t twitch, the artificial fly you tied over the winter may look like lunch to the trout.

The anticipation of a strike can never match the rush when you see the flash and feel the tug. Set the hook and be ready for a fight! A rainbow or native brown trout in the cool waters of the East Fork of the Pigeon River will give you a workout. A trout in the clear mountain water covers 100 yards faster than Ethan Bolt ever dreamed of running. Spook one and you’ll see. Snag one on your line and you’ll feel the raw strength.

In this section of the stream, the catch-and-release rules have been in place for several years. The thrill of the catch is your reward. If you want a nice rainbow trout for your lunch or dinner, the fish farm is close by on Lake Logan Road. Except for the occasional attempt at poaching, the owners have protected the fun of fishing here in this stream.

Come Fish for Your Own Trout

East Fork of the Pigeon River

East Fork of the Pigeon River

The best news of this adventure is that you can be the new owner enjoying the fun for yourself, your family, and your friends. After many years of enjoyment, the riverside property, a rustic 2-bedroom cabin, and plus or minus thirty-some, mostly wooded acres has been put on the market. Sadly for the family, happily for you, the time has come for someone else to enjoy the pastoral setting with its secluded, yet convenient location.

Close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Towns of Canton and Waynesville, and just 40 minutes from Asheville, the property features riparian rights along the Pigeon, one of the finest mountain streams in the area. The cabin, originally built as a fish camp on the creek, sits tucked just between a hillside and the rushing water. The metal roof makes a soothing sound in a gentle southern rain. You’ll sleep well in the rooms that accommodate 6, as they’re currently designed.

The stone fireplace creates a focal point for the family gathering. The wood cook stove in the kitchen gives you a chance to heat up the cast iron cookware for delicious old-fashioned fare to cure any case of the hungries. Pick your porch, front or back, to enjoy conversations or rock yourself gently into an afternoon nap.

You have the choice to create your own adventures in the ample swimming hole within a hundred yards, or so, of the cabin door; taking off on a hike, like to nearby Mt. Pisgah; or taking a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. You’ll enjoy the family and friend picnics and frolics in the yard. Why, that yard has even seen several weddings and parties in the past few years. There’s no telling what you and your family will enjoy, once you take possession of the property.

Come on by. The property is ready for viewing. Just contact our friends Ron Breese or Brian Noland and they will play host to a tour. You might want to wear some shoes and not just your flip flops, if you want to climb the hill that will be all yours. If you go fairly quietly, you’ll see the wildlife that populates the place too. You’ll love it. And, we hope you love it as much as we have. Oh, and maybe, if the season is right, we can work out the time for you to drop your line in the water and see if you can lure that big trout to the surface. He’s hiding in there!


This property is represented by

Brian K. Noland and the Ron Breese Team



2177 Russ Ave

Waynesville, NC   28786




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