Walk a Ways in the Woods

Walk a Ways in the Woods

Photo: Mountian view from Charlie's Bunion

A Blue Ridge Mountain View

The sharp T-weet of a Towhee, feeling threatened as we step into the edge of the meadow, breaks the silence found only on a woodland walk. We have seen deer, chipmunks, and a groundhog on the walk from the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Tri-Corners where three counties join together on the ridgetop. Tanasi (the Cherokee for Tennessee) Bald in Indian folklore was the home to a slant-eyed giant named Jutaculla, but in our young life the place featured a huge mountaintop meadow filled with huckleberry bushes. In late summer, the whole family made the trek with whatever containers we could make easy to carry, overflowing with the delicious wild mountain blueberries for the walk back to the car.

The Great Balsam Mountains present you with some of the best day hikes and overnight destinations that the Appalachian Range has to offer. Easy access to trailheads dot the map of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Vistas, waterfalls, flora and fauna fill your senses, building pleasant memories of what we call God’s Country.

Sit a Spell

Walk out the door, or drive to your favorite spot or jumping off place for a day in the woods. All are within easy reach of the Cooper Mountain Cabin. But then, if you just want to sit on the porch, rock the chair, and watch, you’re in the middle of the mountain paradise without leaving the property. The stream will lull you into a refreshing afternoon nap. The cool mountain air will refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Count on a memorable mountain getaway.

This property is represented by

Brian K. Noland and the Ron Breese Team



2177 Russ Ave

Waynesville, NC   28786


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