Cold, Clear Mountain Water

Cold, clear mountain water tastes good to most folks. The ones who live here sometimes take it for granted, that is, until they travel down to the flatlands. Beach water has a funny taste, not briny or brackish, but still funny, if you’re accustomed to the pure stuff. South Texas water tastes like oil, but then, the air smells petroleum-y anyway. Bring me back home where the natural water runs cool, has a perfect blend of God-given minerals, and rehydrates like no other.

My thoughts drip out as I work on the yearly maintenance checklist for the pump and water system after a colder-than-usual winter. I love springtime. Opening up the Cooper Mountain Cabin for another season fits into the schedule just in time for the first renters to arrive from Alabama, or Georgia, or some other foreign location. The water’s ready.

Trout Love Cold, Clear Mountain Water

Photo: Bridge Over Cold, Clear Mountain WaterYep, the water’s on and the firewood’s stacked. While I am in the crawl space, hugging the pump’s pressure tank, my brother’s son-in-law throws some bait in the creek. Of course, the bait was on the end of the line from a fly rod. In twenty minutes he’s back with a smile teasing his face.

“How’d you do?” That’s what you ask a fisherman or a golfer.

“That was fun. I caught four. They just couldn’t wait to hit.” The smile is bigger now.

“Any size to them?” The setup question for a fish tale.

“Nah, not too much. They fought like trout, but they were only pan size, I guess.” Said with a sigh as he plops on the top step. “I put ‘em back, like we’re supposed to, but there’s a bunch of ‘em!”

Cold, clear mountain water grows great looking rainbow and brown trout. The catch-and-release stream gives plenty to keep a fly rod busy and there’s lots of holes to try in the mile of creek on the property.

“Even in the rain they were almost swarming today. Early in the season, I guess they’re a little hungry. They were hitting almost anything!”

So, when’s the last time you tried a taste of cold, clear mountain water? Have a cool swallow or two. Get your waders in the creek. See what cold, clear mountain water will do to clear your soul.

This property is represented by

Brian K. Noland and the Ron Breese Team


2177 Russ Ave

Waynesville, NC   28786


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