The Colors are Calling

Bye Bye Hummingbird! The geese flew over a couple of days ago, honking the call for the hummers to come along. I’ve heard the little guys hitch a ride south. Maybe so. Maybe not. Usually around the 15th to 25th of September we see them disappear and the aerial acrobatics become a memory for another year. The feeders swing in the breeze until we bring them in for cleaning.

Photo: Autumn LeavesThe science of the migration can be studied, but those active little birds know when the angle of the sun drops down the azimuth, it’s time to go. The Dakotas have already had a blizzard, so they probably headed down the globe from there weeks ago. Here, they’ve just now left. We can’t tell what this portends for the weather prognosis, and we haven’t heard any interpretations of the wooly worms wardrobe this year, so we’ll just have to guess what the winter will bring.

Fall arrives in the mountains with the green wilting from the tips of the trees toward the roots. A few of the leaves hang on long enough to brighten the hillsides, summoning leaf lookers from all over the world. Many vistas in these mountains sparkle on clear days with the bright colors flowing down the mountainsides, fading into purple valleys.

Cozy Fireplace

Cozy Fireplace

Yep, this is a great time to visit in the mountains. The calendar at the Cooper Cabin has been rather full, but there are a few dates available as we move through October and head into November. The fire wood is stacked and waiting. The trails, freshly carpeted will pull you along to your next discovery as the critters make ready for the season ahead. Get away while you can. Your respite in the woods will do you good. Plan a quick trip today. Maybe the national parks rangers are on furlough, but there’s still plenty of mountains to see. We hope to see you enjoy them soon.

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