Forecast: Afternoon Showers

First, the leaves begin to rustle and whisper, “There’s a storm over the ridge.” Clouds filter the light to dim the shades of green around the yard. You reach for a sweater because the thermometer shows a drop of five or six degrees.

Static electricity jumps to the clouds, splitting the air molecules asunder with a brilliant blinding flash. Some people gain comfort from the resulting booming crash as the air rushes in to close the gap. Thunder scares others, and your pup may run for cover or jump in your lap.Illustration: Rain Shower

Summer afternoons in the mountains see thundershowers, almost every day. Plan for them. Transylvania County, NC, just to our south, enjoys the highest rainfall measurement in the USA, except maybe for the drippy Northwest. It makes for comfortable misty mornings, spectacular mid-days, drippy afternoons, and lovely evenings.

At the cabin, the metal roof takes some getting used to for some folks. The rustic cabin brings thoughts to some of yesteryear, when most progressive folks had a metal-roofed house. The afternoon and evening showers spray a melodic tattoo that runs right through your nerves, calming them to slumber. Rain has that effect, when you slow down to listen to it.

That’s what vacations are for. Slow down. Listen to nature as it shows off its native abundance around you. Absorb the sounds. It cures what ails you from your helter-skelter everyday routines.

And, by the way, the roof doesn’t leak. It’s a metal roof. It takes a watchful eye and occasional slaps of mastic, because, as you know, water chooses its own level. So, our visitors help us keep an eye out for telltale signs of drips, and then we fix ’em.

So, come on out to see us. You’ll be comfortable and dry and enjoy getting rested up.

This property is represented by

Brian K. Noland and the Ron Breese Team


2177 Russ Ave

Waynesville, NC   28786


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